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Past Projects (selection)

      Nonlinear functionalities in new nanostructured photonic materials for the technologies of information – PNCDI II (2008-2011), Project no. 12111/2008

    The objectives of this project consists of studies and development of new nanophotonic materials with sub-wavelength structural dimensions, which are leading to strong amplified nonlinearities and to important functionalities in the technologies of information. The scientific innovation reffers to the basic mechanisms of light-matter interaction in nano-structured materials including quantum dots and liquid crystals, to complex instruments for photonic characterization and to nonlinear functionalities. Our results will bring the progress in the exploration of new aspects of light-matter interaction and in the control of the photonic processes at molecular dimensions. The activities in this project will develop strong connections between partner teams in the nonlinear nanophotonic research, will create a national R&D network in this domain, with strong connections also to leading research groups in the field from UE and will accelerate a long term development of the field of nanophotonics in Romania, in a forthcoming "era of nanophotonics".

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      Light guided and amplified by light - dynamic and permanent structures – PNCDI II (2008-2011), Project no. 11979/2008

    The main goal of the studies from this project is to obtain new knowledge of national and international high-level, in analytical/numerical modeling of processes related to guiding and amplification of light in solitonic channels and their experimental demonstration. This research can bring important contributions for the evolution of nonlinear photonics and of whole nonlinear systems/processes domain. It should be noticed that fundamental discoveries in nonlinear photonics represent the basis for scientific breakthroughs in modern communications.
    The specific objectives of this project are:
- theoretical and experimental study of the propagation of laser beams guided by spatial optical solitons generated at other wavelengths;
- theoretical and experimental study of the possibility of spatial optical solitons amplification in active media;
- analysis of propagation of light guided by spatial solitons by using high resolution microscopies, taking into account our experimental possibilities (SNOM and confocal microscopy);
- theoretical and experimental study of the dispersion induced by spatial solitons and of the possibility to control dispersion in microstructured materials, by using ultra short pulses (femtoseconds), structuring of materials with high power lasers and other methods.
    This project can contribute to form a task force in romania for attaining high scientific objectives in nonlinear photonics, to sustain our ideas in this domain, to increase the number of young researchers with serious scientific education and the international visibility of the science from romania. The scientific results that will be obtained can form a patrimony with an important potential in information society. This project will sustain and amplify our scientific collaborations with our major partners from an eu network of excellence in nanophotonics and other eu projects in photonics.

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